Hand-made production of dairy products and pasta filata cheeses

The Caseificio Battipaglia has been active since 1957 in the production, wholesale and retail sale of cheeses and dairy products. It offers to its affectionate customers the genuineness and freshness of pasta filata cheeses produced with respect to tradition with all the technologies of our times.

Latticini e Formaggi a pasta filata

Still nowadays milk processing takes place according to the tradition. As in the past, the production of cheeses and dairy products continues following the typical recipe that calls for the use of simple, genuine ingredients: whole milk, rennet, salt.

The production is based on the use of 100% Italian selected milk coming from the best cattle sheds of Lombardy. The activity of the Caseificio is supported by modern technologies that assure accurate controls of production, aging and preservation processes. All this combined with the presence of highly qualified staff guarantees a safe end product from every point of view.