Production and sale of dairy products and cheeses since 1957

The Caseificio Battipaglia was born in the distant 1957, thanks to the will and passion of Giuseppe Cappetta, master dairy man from Battipaglia, who opened in Brugherio, in the province of Monza and Brianza, an artisan cheese factory  for the production of cow’s milk mozzarellas.

The Caseificio Battipaglia, since its origins, has founded its business philosophy on the use of milk processing techniques typical of tradition, specializing in the production of cow’s milk mozzarella according to the typical recipe that calls for the use of whole milk, rennet, salt. During the years to the production of mozzarella was added that of fresh cheeses like ricotta and primo sale and  pasta filata cheeses like caciocavallo, scamorza, loaf of scamorza and many other cheeses produced according to the tradition exclusively with Italian milk.

caseificio artigianale

Nowadays the activity of the historic Caseificio Battipaglia continues with a new management, that, starting from November 2015, sees the company leadership of the family Monaci, from the Brembana Valley, in the province of Bergamo, from generations active in the production of cheeses among which the popular “Dolce Branzi Monaci”. Also the Caseificio Casera Monaci, in Almenno San Salvatore in the province of Bergamo, takes with it a story of passion and work started 40 years ago.

Everything was born with Giovanni Monaci, originating from Branzi, a small village in the Brembana Valley, who, since he was a child, has devoted with passion to the production of the “Branzi cheese and many other dairy products typical of the Bergamo tradition. Inside the cheese factory in Bergamo are prepared with care and attention cheeses with cow’s milk, goat’s milk and mixed milk like taleggiostracchinoformaggellebutterTorta del Resegone and many other specialties on sale at the Caseificio Battipaglia di Brugherio as well as at the outlet in Almenno S. Salvatore and in many shops of the province of Bergamo.

MONACI has always been a guarantee brand. The family nature of the company assures a special attention for genuineness and typical characteristic of the products,  processed exclusively with Italian local milk collected in selected areas mainly in the mountains.